About Us

Founded by sisters Na'Kisha and Ni'Kita, Love YU Collective is an outreach platform born out love and respect for black women and the unique struggles that we experience daily. The need for us to focus on self-preservation is important now more than ever. In 2018 we launched Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist, a skincare line dedicated celebrating the strength, allure and resolve of black women which was very much missing in the beauty space. But after researching the impact chronic stress and the effects it has on black women, we felt like we had to do more.

Black women suffer from the impact of chronic stress at higher rates than any other subgroup of people. Many of us have been conditioned from birth to keep it pushing, suck it up, smile and pretend that we have it all under control regardless of what’s actually going on. Those early messages normalized stress, internalizing it instead of seeking healthy ways to deal with our feelings and emotions. This cycle is causing us to age internally well before our time and is a contributor to many physical, emotional and mental health issues.

Love YU Collective was created to change that narrative and be a comfortable place for Black women to embrace self-preservation by providing a taste of various outlets that can be used to relieve stress and the impact it has on our bodies.

Here we encourage you to lavish yourself with love and to be unapologetic about doing so. We provide various starting points for you to use to help reduce daily stress such as:

  • Virtual Yoga Classes
  • Virtual Group Therapy
  • Virtual Fitness Classes
  • Nutritional Supplements for stress and sleep
  • Therapeutic Personal Care
  • Therapeutic Home Care

Love YU Collective will be that first step to better mental and physical health across the board for black women.  We encourage everyone to try any of the various services we provide and discover what works best for you. We here at Love YU Collective will be here for every step of your personal journey to peace.