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Listen... Life Coach Sandra is going to help us unpack some things so that we as mothers, nurturers and caregivers can thrive. We have created a safe space to openly share our thoughts without judgement, so come join our Sistah Session to not be a "Shoulda"!

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Bio - Life Coach Sandra

Sandra Wingfield is a wife and mother from Maryland. She has been in the Administrative Professional field for 12 years and has had the opportunity to work closely with Senior Executives.

Although Sandra enjoys her current profession, her spirit has always been pulled toward the health field. As a child she desired to be a doctor, but in college she realized that health and wellness had more factors than just biological. After 2.5 years as a biology major, she decided to change her major and create her own with the help of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department. Her realization that health crosses the disciplines of biology, psychology, and even sociology led her to create the major of Integrative Health.

During this time, Sandra had the opportunity to work on a group project about an employee of the Baltimore City Public Schools that wanted to make school lunches more nutritious for the students. It was during this project that she was introduced to the fact that socioeconomic factors impact certain populations access to nutritious foods and healthcare services.

Sandra has previously competed as a natural bodybuilder in competitions all over Maryland. She has had the honor of meeting and being mentored by top-notch and highly decorated athletes. Under their guidance, she too has had the pleasure of walking away with trophies at the last two shows before having her son.